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terça-feira, junho 13, 2006


Manaus before the storm

Who are you, that invade my dreams in the middle of the night;
With a smile in the lips and the barefoot feet?
What says sweet words to my ears
And it drives me holding my hand to distant places?

Your smile illuminates the day,
The wind lifts the long hairs.
So to wide steps and with the feet still barefoot
You tread on the black waters of the river.

I feel then in my heart an immense longing.
A will of running for the green fields,
Cut by the waters of the silent brooks.
To touch your lips with mine...

Who are you that you agitate my heart?
Does it numb me the eyes and worry my being?
Do not you worry the longing?

So what in one night under the light of the moon
Your eyes made to me to steal a kiss.
Who are you?
Oh! It is that what invades my dreams in the middle of the night.

After the storm

Um comentário:

Elda disse...

So good, so good!!!
Manaus like beautifull country!!